Life Imitates Art, or, Writing Erotica Gets Me Laid

I’ve been focusing on erotica writing recently, and I’m getting coaching/ sex therapy from Melissa Lee, Strawberry Smutcakes. One of her prompts was about the sensations I most enjoyed with my partner, and I turned this entry into my post, “I Was Sleeping.”
This was the first personal erotica that I’ve shared with my wife, Concetta. She wanted to read it, and I wanted her response, but Calvin spilled his apple juice all over the floor, and I took him up for a bath so she could clean it up without him making a bigger mess. I was giving Calvin a bath when she came up to meet me.

“So,” she said. “I think I know what you based that on.” I realized she was turned on from the look in her eyes and the tiny smile on her face. I got a little embarrassed. As brazen and shameless as I often feel when I write, I can be really shy in real life. She asked “so what happened next? You didn’t finish it.

I hesitated, took a breath, and said, “you know, I’m just really busy most days.”

I got Calvin out of the bath, and we kept talking while I folded socks and she was getting him dressed. She said, “when we have sex, I feel really beautiful. It’s like all my imperfections just kind of fade away. I can see myself the way you see me.”

“You’re so gorgeous, love, I can’t even handle it.” She laughed.

I continued. “You know, you have a really strong erotic imagination. When there’s something that catches your attention, like those Twilight books or the Fifty Shades of Grey, you get really into them, and its not like you read fiction that much. You’re so invested in the characters in the story that you’re OK with really questionable storytelling choices. ‘Oh so Jacob fell in love with the baby? That’s fine. She just aged really quickly. And he doesn’t age.’”

“You have to remind me of that? I had just forgotten about that.” She was laughing. I loved her laugh.

“Right. So what I’m saying is is that you’re kind of dirty, horny, perverted, and we’re exactly the same. So I think it’s lucky that we found each other.”

She giggled, like Minnie mouse trying to explain why she had aa butt plug. “I just wish that I wasn’t on my period this week. I am really feeling it right now. I want to bite you.”

“I’d love it if we can be intimate tonight. I’ve actually been working on another story about two college students trying to get a get off on each other without having sex; it’s based on our three year long foreplay when we were in college.”

“Oh I’d like to read that.”

“Sure,” I said “I just need some time to work on it, edit it. I’ve got the broad strokes but it’s pretty rough.”

We tried to continue the conversation, but Calvin, our two year old, started screeching every time she would try to talk, and I figured out that he wanted attention. I said I hoped we could finish the conversation, but maybe we could let that the boy go and find his brother and sister first.

Later, I came back to the room after I finish reading to the kids, and did some of my stretches for physical therapy, trying to fix up my old man back. Concetta came in, and she was wearing this low-cut T-shirt without a bra and these booty shorts, neither of which I’ve seen before. I got into bed quick, and said, “hey there, good looking.”
“I should probably do my quiet time,” she said, putting her Bible and devotional book on the bedside table.

“Woman!” I said, “if I don’t get those titties in my mouth in the next two minutes, I’m gonna lose my damn mind.” She smiled and came to me. We kissed and I felt her body, stroking her back, my hands reaching under her shirt to feel her rib cage and her abdomen, tracing her hips under the waistband of her shorts and panties.

I kissed her neck down to her cleavage, and she tilted one of her shoulders forward so that bear right breast stuck out of the v neck. I had just gotten her whole breast in my mouth when I heard a tiny voice behind her.

“Mommy? I’m scared. All my fears just came back to me.” Olivia, 6, and Jacob, 3, stood in the doorway. “Can you come stay with us?”

She turned over, blocking their view of my crotch, and smiled at them. “Hi babies!,” she cooed.

“You kids need to go to bed!” I commanded, to their glee. “To bed! This is our room!” Giggling children, up past their bedtime. Tsk, tsk.

“Why does I go in and kiss you guys good night,” she suggested. While I sat up in bed, reading my phone and holding my erection through the pocket of my gym shorts. “Take your time,” I said to myself. “No hurry,” I said. She came back, and said “you know, I should probably keep the door open in case they come back.”

I said, “you need to close that door, get that shirt off and get your ass back in bed. Those kids do this every single night, and they are just fine. They’re just bored and they’re overtired.“

She laughed and shut the door, without much convincing. She got back in bed and I put her hand on my cock immediately. “Oh thank God,” I said.

She got her shirt off, and we started kissing again. I felt the insides of her thighs, and worked my way up to the leg holes of her panties. Then I put my hands in the top of her panties, and he started to feel her clit, above her thick pad. “Oh my God, Simon,” she moaned, ” just want you inside me so bad.”

I offered to get a towel; her period never bothered me, if it didn’t bother her. She declined, saying that the second day of her cycle was really too heavy. She climbed on top of me, and I got the idea of re-enacting “Staying Pure: Part 2 of 2.”

I worked her clit and squeezed her ass while we kissed. I guided her face toward my cock, and asked her to run it over her face and neck and breasts. She had her mouth on it less than a middle later, and she sucked and squeezed and I thrust, and I came a minute later; she swallowed every drop.

My body spasmed; my penis became very sensitive, and she eased off it gently. She came up to me and we kissed. She said, “will you kiss my breasts and my neck, very tenderly, slowly?” I did, caressing her, stroking her in the most delicate way; until her tension and arousal starting to taper off, and our fatigue set it. We kissed, and turned the light on; we got out our books to read, so we could get some sleep.

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