I Was Sleeping

We’ve been traveling, and we’re both so heated and dry. The hotel room’s cold temperature stuns us as we enter. We take showers, you first, and then lie in the crisp white sheets, still damp, tired, but clean and awake.

I drift off, and when I awaken, it’s night. You’re asleep next to me, but restless. I find an exposed patch of skin by your waist, and begin to kiss you. You awaken, slowly, purring.

You didn’t put on panties before you came to bed.

As groggy as you are, your legs open up to me, as I continue my exploration. I stroke with my hands, gliding up toward your breasts, bare beneath your short gown. I rest my hands on them, as I nuzzle your sweet pussy. You open for me, tilting your hips up to my mouth, and I lick and squeeze and you arch your back. The resistance in your body is melting, as you give every inch of yourself to me.

“Kiss me,” you pant, “I need you to kiss me, please.” I continue as if I hadn’t heard. You moan, drawing your back tight and pushing up into me, as your legs wrap around my neck and back. “Simon, fuck me, come on, Simon.”

I release my mouth from your cunt, and ascend your body, my right index finger fish-hooked in you, as if to save my place. Your mouth locks with mine, with such force I think you might bite. “Now now,” I murmur to you, “control yourself.”

Your hands grab my shorts, and you laugh as you wrestle them off me; I have to release your pussy. My hot cock fits right into your warm mouth, and you move up and down, up and down. I stroke your neck and face, reaching for your tits. You pop the head out of your mouth to grin at me.

“Asshole. I had just gotten to sleep.” We both giggle, and you climb onto my waiting prick.


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