Staying Pure #2

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“I’m not going to put it in your mouth, I’m not,” he said, “just trust me.” He grasped her jaw and neck in his right hand, and his cock with his left. She shut her eyes, and he remembered Botticelli’s Venus. He used his dick to trace her delicate cheekbones, her neck, her shoulders and upper chest. He released her. “Bring your tits up so they’re on my cock.”

Artemisia was breathing heavily as she wrapped his throbbing cock with her breasts, her tanned, golden skin glistening with sweat in the setting sunlight. Her hair, spun gold, blanketed his hips and thighs. He trembled, and whispered, “hey, look at me, keep looking at me.” She locked her gaze with his. She moved up and down on his cock. Clear precum oozed from the tip of his penis, and mixed with her sweat between her delicious breasts.

As his body began to tense, he patted her on the shoulder, “OK, OK, you’re doing great. Come up here with me.” His hands guided her to his mouth, and they kissed, her soft breasts against his muscular chest, her fingers through his dark curly hair.

Cole took her by the hips, and arranged her pussy to spread across the base of his cock. She sat up to ride him, and gasped, “Oh my god I’m going to lose my mind.” Together, they moved up and down, and he tilted her hips to increase her clit’s pressure.

She was breathing faster and faster, “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh, fuck!!!” She gasped. “Don’t stop, don’t stop! I’m fucking coming! I’m fucking coming!” He felt her cunt twitch, even through her soaking wet bikini. She collapsed against him, and he knew that he was almost finished.

“I want you to get up, turn around, and put my cock between your legs.” She slowly stood and turned, resting her lovely, heart shaped ass across his cock and balls. He sat up and held her by the breasts, squeezing them and breathing down her neck. They started rocking in concert again, and she began gasping; he clenched, “I’m coming!”

Semen spurted hot across her belly, her breasts, even her chin and lips. He collapsed onto the couch, and she turned over to lay on him. They kissed, and he held her.

He heard a beeping and they both sat up quickly. The security system was being deactivated inside the apartment. “Fuck, it’s your Dad!” They scrambled for their swimsuits.


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