Hit the Bullseye! 🎯

Step right up and test

Your luck. Can your rock hit the

Bull’s-eye? No pressure.

If you’re the winner,

You get to dunk the sinner!

Naked party in

The wrong man’s bed! You’d

Just love to get her wet! But

There is a catch, like

Always. You see, if

Young Miss Thing goes in the tank,

You’re next to take her

Place. So if you win,

You’re in trouble, get it? Still

Feeling bold, young buck?

Let’s make it even

More interesting! I’m the

Reigning champ at this

Game. Never missed a

Shot. Let’s make the target as

Tiny as the eye

Of a needle. Okay!

Raise the stakes again! I will

Put myself right in

Front of the target.

You think you’re hard enough to

Toss your stone so it

Curves around me? Hey!

I’ll go you one better than

That! I’ll take her place!

Dunk me if you dare!

Hey, where’d everybody go?

Better luck next time.

(Inspired by John 8)

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