Speaker For The Dead

I considered it the utmost privilege to spend patients’ last moments on Earth with them.

Now that I am in Radiology, I don’t have these experiences anymore.

But the Radiologist has a unique skill set. He spends his days observing most labyrinthine recesses of the human being. He gains a wealth of experiences observing the function and dysfunction of the human body.

So if he were to apply this skill to forensics, to determining the cause and nature of death, the identity and demographics of the victim, and the means of action of the perpetrator, he could make a unique contribution to the field.

No one should die alone. No one should die in fear. The first crime was murder, and Abel’s blood cried from the soil itself. Killers must be punished by the law for society to function.

Perhaps my destiny is to serve humanity not only as a radiologist, but also as a speaker for the dead. In this way, I can bring some peace to the souls of the departed, and help the enterprise of justice.


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