Violet Vincent, Tantra

I’m not a hero. I’m not a good person. I’m working for Excellus because he and his people saved me, and I have a debt to them. But when that’s satisfied, I’ll be on my own again.

Here I am again, among the powerful and wealthy, wearing the face of a pretty girl enthralled with the banter and monologues of these pompous know-nothings. I’m here to get intelligence for the Exceptionals; I’m on the Black team, and we’re infiltrators. Oberon, Ghost and I enter a place through surreptitious means. I’m a shapeshifter, Oberon is a teleporter and can cling to any surface, and Ghost can pass through walls herself. We know what everyone knows – these men, these tuxedo-ed, white haired, red faced jackals, are craven killers, and use every means at their disposal to cheat, crush, and destroy the innocent.

We’re the counterbalance.

The Red team, Blaster, Lion, and Magus, they’re the fighters. They come in shooting, tearing their way through defenses, extracting our people from dangerous situations, and occasionally conducting revenge operations against particularly heinous targets. Sure, they kill. We kill when we have to, because this is war. No one’s staying innocent here.

Eric Excellus, the Voyager, oversees and directs it all. He has more than a few impregnable forces, and can be found at any of them. He has one that’s deep in the ocean, one in the mountains, one underground in a desert. We don’t know where he is, but he finds us and communicates with us when he needs to. He’s not a field operative, he’s the visionary who started this campaign, to do something about the evil that’s ongoing every day in this world.



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