Jasper Jenks, Oberon

It’s not supposed to be like this. I’m a showman at heart, and since the day I stepped from the dark enchanted forest of Bohmerian, I’ve been on stage, one way or another. I’ll admit, people are drawn to my appearance first. My skin, covered with a light fur, is the deepest shade of green, meant to blend into the forest. My tail, long and pointed, provides me with extra balance and a handhold so that I can leap and soar with the best of them. My eyes burn a dark red, and glow in the night. With my natural agility and grace, I made a natural acrobat, and traveled with the circus throughout the lands of Zubrovka and Zembla, thrilling crowds and developing a tremendous fan base.
Then I was approached by the man himself, Elliot Excellus. He told me that I could join a team of gifted people, like myself, and that together we would help the weak, protect the innocent, and fight for justice. I had already grown tired of the life of an international celebrity, and thought his offer promised an adventure not to be missed. I finished my contract, and joined the team, the Exceptionals.
We fought angels and demons, we traveled backwards and forwards in time, journeyed to space and other dimensions. and had incredible adventures.
Then things started getting strange, more so each day. I haven’t even mentioned my powers yet. I’m a member of an ancient race of forest people, called elves most often, and I ventured into Titan society, leaving behind my parents and my village. While all the members of my tribe have green skin, red eyes, and a tail like mine, only I have the gift of teleportation. I picture a location in my mind, and find myself there, with a loud boom! And a puff of smoke. I can carry another person with me, and journey three to four miles at a time, if I have the map in my head. It’s proven useful in battles, to move forward, backward, above and below the enemy, constantly thwarting their every move.
The problems started soon after my thirty-fifth birthday. I was teleporting in battle, and found myself spending more and more time in transit, and materializing later, my problems became worse and worse. I would disappear, reappear without my desire to, and my teleporting became less and less voluntary. Finally, I entered the hospital, where I am currently, with all my team. I’m locked in a gymnasium underground, padded, and I appear, disappear, everywhere in the space. it’s hazardous for anyone to share the space, unless I materialize into their midst, killing them. It’s incredibly lonely, here in super-hero hospice. They bring me food, I watch television, and nothing much happens.

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