Chester Camullus

Sixteen hooves clattered
Toward Pennsylvania Ave.,
Sixteen hundred. Pale

Rider approached the
Golden king of fire, who
Bowed his head and knelt.

Weeping and gnashing
His teeth, he cried “at last! I
Am delivered! For

This palace is my
Prison, and I assure you
Whatever torments

You’ve planned for me, could
Be no worse than the hell I
Have here created.”

Death did beckon the
Golden king rise, and said, “I
Reveal a secret.

666 was our
Trap. The sum of all human
Wisdom. In your best

Intentions, when you
Make yourself a god, there is
Unending anguish

Unspeakable. My master’s
Yoke is light, humble.

Witness your subjects
Dancing in the streets. They know
The coming kingdom

Will make this time like
It was a bad dream. Now we
Must give you over

To Satan, that you
Learn obedience. Flee to
The hills, your hair will

Grow down your back, your
Fingers will snarl into
Claws. After an age

Will your mind return,
and you may come and serve. So
Shall it ever be.”

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