Unsimple Simon

When was it that I
Was cracked? Unsimple Simon.
The time when I chased

Spectral Zazumee
Through plate glass window, bloody
Brow, needed stitching?

Or when I refused
To go to school, and was hung
Upside down, the back

Of my throat cut out?
Chocolate ice cream did not quite
Soothe the slash they made.

Or when uncle Dan
Found devil’s mark upon my
Back, the one he was

Trained to see, and it
Was burnt from out my back, though
Devil got Dan in

The end. Now I am
Training where Dan did, devil
Dogging every step.

Out in the ether,
The shards of me do spin. No
Hope have I to mend

Them, but only seek
To gather them into a
Quiet box to keep.

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