Tamar and Judah

Must I pretend the
Prostitute for you to do
Me honor? Your first

Born, vile villain,
Fell victim to his vices.
Second, Chester cheat,

Slid his sword from my
Sex, spilled his seed on soil
That my sire he

Steal. No sooner had
He leaked, then did his blood leak
From his ears, fell to

Ground. You claimed your third
Was sleeping, and kept him from
Me. No fool was I.

They said my sex was
Poison, killing all who came.
I knew the poison

Was in them. Alone
Was I, until the day I
Donned a scarlet veil.

You came to me, and
Into me, and in return,
You gave your crown, wand,

Cloak. Dragged before the
Judge did I produce your signs,
Thus did I prove, once

And for all, my sex
Was good, alive, and worth the
highest of prices.

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