Simeon and Levi

Part 1, following the massacre at Shechem:

Punishers! Devastators!
All you who flaunt your

Contempt for the Lord!
Oathbreakers! Life takers! We
Lay waste to your fields!

Blood rains from the sky!
Put your hands on our sister!
No mercy, denied!

Slaughter all your kin!
Our wrath burns bright like the sun!
Divide and conquer!

Part 2, Jacob

I cannot listen
To them longer. Victory
Songs do grieve my heart.

Their judgment, brutal,
Indiscriminate, they slay
Godly and evil.

I raised my sons, put
Knives in their hands, to only
Cut when it is just.

Now everyone is
Bleeding. To the crossroads take
Them, scatter them thus,

Never will they be
Undivided. Now must this
Sword depart my house.

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