Twin’s Lament

My bound hands and the

Litany of wrongs; was I

Your evil twin? The

Leering grin of the

Executioner above

Forces me to think.

Our entanglement

Yokes our lives, one being. If

You spoke freely, I

Was muzzled. If you

Ran swiftly, I was hobbled.

The golden care with

Which you were loved, I

Was scourged. If you were

Happy, I was wretched. If

Camaraderie wreathed

You in her warm arms, shivered

In the cold was I.

What wrongs I’ve done were

For your rights, and as this blade

Does fall, my last prayer

For you, is that my

Bloody, gruesome death would bring

You bountiful life.

Scientist’s reverse time’s arrow with entangled particles

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