Imago Dei

Firm foundation on
Cornerstone, rock, earth cushioned,
Sacral foundation

My left foot is the past
Standing on the shoulders of
My legacy, and

The men I have been.
I wash the filth from me and
Incorporate the

Victories. Many
Have done me ill, done me good
Done me both, and so

Have I, and without
Them all, I would fall, into
The black nothingness.

Right foot treads upon
Majestic moment that is
Now, incarnate joy,

Spring of rising new
Life, to seed creation, join
Me with another.

To move and sweat and
Thrust and push, undulating
Dance, shared existence.

From pillars, future
Lumbar staircase, five steps climb
To the pedestal,

Diaphragm, where heart
And lungs drive blood, breath; poison
In, my passion out.

Well of life, again
I die, again I do live,
Better every time.

Heart protected by
Cage of sternum and ribs, hung
On twelve steps, axis

Of clavicles, eastward,
Justice, my right-handed sword,
Analysis, and

Union to the West,
Synthesis, kindness, by trowel
Fortune’s wheel I spin.

Ascend the seven
Steps to the temple, choose the
Right door for wisdom,

Locus, sensation,
Part to the whole, what we
Call intuition,

Understanding is
Left, the words and sounds and the
Categories. How

We talk and laugh and
Discuss the nature and the
Foibles of our lives.

Rest yourself in the
Upper room, the crown, where you
Truly meet yourself.

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