We Shall Become Magnetic

The old men dream. The young men envision.

A space shuttle, airplane, or monorail train travels at incredible speed, with its nose heating to fiery red temperatures. An important boundary is breached.

Trump, confronted by the rising death toll, calls for a new American flag.

The powerful will see their gold and silver melt and rot.

You know that all magic has a price. What they bound to destroy heaven and earth and enslave mankind will be loosed, and the Earth will suffer like never before. The Adam bomb.

The Giants are returning, do you know who they are? Do you know where they came from, do you know where they were caged, do you know what they’re going to do now that they’re free?

Yet even as evil rises, so too shall grace. As in the days of the first Christians, so shall it be. The followers of Christ will connect with the power, drawing the lightning from the mountain, to become charged with energy like never before.

We will rediscover the atmis and the anathimiasis and travel throughout the world like the angels do.

We shall become magnetic.

We cannot be destroyed. Strike down our bodies, and He will gather us back like clouds in the sky, issuing forth gravity’s rainbow.

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