Prayer of the Melodramatic Physician

My good Lord jesus, who lived and died for my sins, I ask your blessing on this month to come. Give me the grace and the patience and love to do your work on these people. Let me not be frightened by the rages of the unhappy, but instead listen for the still small voice in the whirlwind. For I know that it is bluster, and that my way is assured. I know that you have prepared a place for me, and all the waters in the world should not tear it down.

Make me your instrument, Lord Jesus. Purify my heart and my mind. Open the seals of my being. Increase my focus, and keep me on track, so that I do not lose myself in the details. You are the unveiled, you are the one worthy to open the seven seals, through your trials and your birthright.

Lord Jesus Christ, I ask that you give me the holy white stone which bears my true name, that no one could have power over me, but only you. Let only your Holy Spirit influence my life and my work. Let no man stand in the way of what you would have me do. Give me your hidden manna to eat.

Your abundance, Lord Jesus, is without limit. You fill me, from the soles of my feet, to my base, to my core and strength, to my heart, to my voice, to my mind, and to my spirit. Your spirit emanates from me with strength and power, and none may stand in its way.

Lord, you will unlock the barriers in my mind and heart and work. You will open those doors that have been closed. You will allow my mind to make the connections and answer their questions, so completely and insightfully that they will be dumbstruck. My hands will work with the graceful, consummate skill of those that you have called your own. Let me be seen as the apex, and the pinnacle of aptitude and dexterity and insight and knowledge if it is your will, and let all doubts about my ability be washed away, evaporate, burn in the fire of their awe.

Lord Jesus Christ, you have given me the fire, the spirit, the roots, and the baptism to know your life and your love, the gift of your holy sacrifice. Take everything that I am and make it into a testament to your goodness, your peace. For I am worthy only because you have made me worthy. By your will be this done, Lord Jesus.

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