Police Suicide at Chicago’s “House of Screams”

Let me put it this way: if I told you that a 30 year veteran off the Chicago Police Department had shot himself in the chest at work to commit suicide, would you suspect foul play? That was the news this week regarding Deputy Bureau Chief Dion Boyd’s tragic death. At Homan Square.

In the city of the Cubs and Ferris Bueller, the “House of Screams” has been the site of brutal abuses of police authority. These abuses include anal rape, tasering, suffocation, and murder. Everything nasty under the sun. More than 7000 citizens have been detained in this facility, without being formally charged.

In 2012, Angel Perez was questioned over less than $200 in heroin.

From The Guardian: “Perez was handcuffed by his right wrist to a metal bar behind a bench in an interrogation room on the second floor of Homan Square. Behind him were two police officers that a lawsuit Perez recently re-filed identifies as Jorge Lopez and Edmund Zablocki. They had been threatening him with a stint at the infamously violent Cook County jail if he didn’t cooperate.

“They’re gonna think you’re a little sexy bitch in jail,” Perez recalled one of them saying. The lawsuit quotes Lopez: “I hear that a big black nigger dick feels like a gun up your ass.”

Perez claims he was bent over in front of the bench and a piece of detritus. He recalled smelling urine and seeing bloodstains in the room. The police officers pulled his shirt up and slowly moved a metallic object down his bare skin. Then they pulled his pants down. 

“He’s talking all this sexual stuff, he’s really getting fucking weird about it, too,” Perez remembered. He began shaking, the beginnings of a panic attack. 

“They get down to where they’re gonna insert it, this is where I feel that it’s something around my rear end, and he said some stupid comment and then he jammed it in there and I started jerking and going all crazy – I think I kicked him – and I just go into a full-blown panic attack … The damage it caused, it pretty much swole my rear end like a baboon’s butt.”

Whatever the object was, the police suggested it was the barrel of a handgun. After Perez involuntarily jerked from the penetration, Officer Edmund Zablocki is alleged to have told him: “I almost blew your brains out.””

From Wikispooks: “The Guardian reported that Nicholas Roti, the chief of the bureau of organized crime, resigned from the Chicago police department in mid March 2015, “after attorneys for three Homan Square victims announced that they would file the first civil rights lawsuit over the facility with the aim of shutting down the complex likened by attorneys and activists to the domestic law enforcement equivalent of a CIA “black site.””

There appears to be no Department of Justice inquiry into Homan Square. When asked by The Guardian whether Homan Square would be included in the federal investigation into police violence, the US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch replied that “The issues that you raise are extremely important [but] they are not at this time within the purview of our investigation.”

It would take no purple pen to dream up a scenario in which a police officer could be murdered in a place like Homan Square, and then have his death reported as a suicide. Homan Square still operates today. Are you worried? Maybe you should be.

The United States Government is ready to turn the entire country into Homan Square. In the event of a large scale insurrection, Rex 84 can be activated. Large populations, up to 100,000 citizens by some reports, can be moved into military detention facilities. If the people rise up in an organized way, they’re ready to shut it down.

Knowing that this is an unaccountable black site, a site of torture and murder, should it provide any comfort that the federal government may soon take control of Chicago’s law enforcement? This would allow Homan square to become a literal Guantanamo Bay.

They can’t keep this from you. It’s not a conspiracy theory, this is a conspiracy fact.

Dum spiro, spero. While I breathe, I hope.

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