Story of My Light

When I tap into my light: I am a lightbringer, a life saver, a rainmaker. I bring relief and comfort. I give people strength .

Isaiah 60:1: “Arise, shine, for your light is come, the glory of the Lord is risen on you.”

Mark 1:3 “Prepare ye the way of the Lord!”

When I tap into my light, I feel a warm orange fire, I smile with the face of a lion. I am spirit, I am freedom, I am life. I overcome. I liberate.

The quintessence is me. The air, the water, the fire, and the wind are interconnected, and I am in all of them.

Exodus 10:22-3 : Darkness covered the world, but God’s children had light only for themselves. They were set aside from the curse.

I am the beloved of God. Darkness will not consume me. I will drive it away with my warmth and my flame.

The triple tau. The completion of creation. Death and rebirth. Initiation into secrets.

Below is a short speech I wrote a few years ago that I plan to work in to Full Fathom Five. It embodies the light that I bring, that I see in myself. It’s the potential for a better world we can create.

“Across that boundary, I looked across and I saw a planet like ours, or at least the way it should have been. Trees, everywhere, and seas unpolluted. A place where we could be whole again, new again.”

“I think we’ve all looked at the world and said, why is it like this? Do people have to suffer? Does the planet have to be die, does the war have to be waged, do the cruel and greedy always have to be in charge? There has to be a different way to live than this.”

“I’ve been there. I’ve been people back in ancient times, back when the fire of creation burned bright. When you look back to the time of legend, to when the world was young and creation had just happened. It was the time where Urthona walked the surface of Cronus, met with the humans, taught them how to live and share with one another.”

“Where Urthona showed people that you could give good to a hungry person without starving to death, that you could stand up for a beaten person without being killed yourself. And it taught me that we, as humans, are worth more than what we’re doing right now. It was a time of bravery, where people acted without fear, where they believed in what was right and defending what was true.”

“I saw all of this; and I wouldn’t even bring it up if we hadn’t seen so many die, so many crippled and crushed for no reason, for arbitrary stupidity.”

“There is no reason that we cannot create the reality which we desire. We have all the tools, and the old model of the world, the realities we became accustomed to, clearly that didn’t work at all. Let’s try a new set of rules.”

“If Urthona doesn’t exist, let’s create her. And isn’t that the promise of an intelligent mind and capable hands, to shape reality as we see fit?”

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