Dimension Jumping in Cleveland

I ended up in Cleveland this week, and had some time on my hands. I discovered the Land of Warrea. It’s a plaque on the wall referencing a race of people who are nonlinear and can’t see each other. They’re connected to Australia and Michigan and other places around the country and around the world. It’s a project by Eames Demetrios, who created his own version of the world … in our world. This is next level wizardry.

Here’s a quote about the project from Cabinet magazine: “the easiest way to describe it is that it is a reinterpretation of the North American landscape. It tries to give people an alternate experience when they are in this linear world. We take so much for granted from the way this country was settled and from the way buildings are there, and Kymaerica is trying to present a largely different reality. Some of it is magical, some of it is humorous, some of it is textural. It is another way to look at our space. That includes some pretty unusual things. I’ve written one book based on it and created many limited edition prints. I’ve done historical landmark plaques—one in Chinatown, one in Houston, and one in Athens, Georgia. It is trying to create a psychological environment in these places.”

I discovered this place through the article on Atlas Obscura. When I pulled into the lot, I found the Secret Garden. It’s gorgeous. If you were going to step into a pocket universe in Cleveland, this is where you’d go. It’s next to a railroad yard, and covered with ivy.

Everything was peaceful, quiet, and inviting. There was an arched brick gateway covered by ivy under the railroad. It leads to a small blue painted door. I want to get out and knock, but I felt like I was trespassing by being there. I didn’t get out of my car.

There’s a platform raised off the ground, also covered with ivy. It looks like where you could perform a Tibetan Sky Burial. Or, a place to climb to speak with huge beings, giants, making an appeal to the sky gods. Or an arena for high flying martial arts acrobatics, a dual which can only end in one party’s crushing defeat.

I felt a warmth in my solar plexus and my xiphoid process, like I just touched something magical. I wanted to connect with the other sites of Kymaerica, where other people might be viewing and contemplating the greater unity at work. This is Psychogeography at its best.

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