Trans-dimensional Housekeeping in Theory and in Practice

Write Then & There

by Amanda Raber

It’s not news to anyone here that we’re all having to find ways to stay entertained these days. Binge-watching shows on streaming services takes up some time, many hours are poured into social media, home improvement projects are getting crossed off our lists. For the most part I’m okay spending time with myself, but even I have my limits. Since I work from home, I’m on a computer all day and on my off time I really can’t stand to stare at a screen any more than I have to. About two weeks ago, I thought I found the perfect way to be productive, do something new, and make a friend all while staying safely in my home
and without the use of a screen. It’s really not a new concept. In fact it’s as old as history itself, so stop me if you’ve heard this one…

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