Sun Is In Sidereal Gemini:

June 16th b-day, and I just read my life story.

Western Sidereal Astrology

The Sun is in Sidereal Gemini: June16-July17


Isn’t it amazing the way the thousand and one things flash in and out of your mind at a moments notice? You enjoy variety and novelty and always want to know what the latest fashion trend is.

The narrative line is important and you spend a lot of time in your own mind talking to yourself. Not that you are engrossed in an inner dialogue deliberately it just happens even when you are asleep. You spend a lot of time rehearsing what you are going to say to people, some of whom are imaginary, or what you should have said to people, some of whom are also imaginary.

Essentially alienated and detached from your world you put great effort into trying to show a genuine interest in others. But others don’t really exist for you beyond what ever information you are able to…

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