Bandit et Héro / Home invasion #poem (adult only, cosplay)

the bandit in my room has entered

before i had wake up

on the bed he handcuffed me

and my eyes he blindfolded


I started to shout loudly

with his hand gagged me

what if i were to shout again

a gag he will install on me


so by fear I was calmed

I thought I was robbed

but i had guessed wrongly

so by my body was interested


he started to strip me

and to stop I begged him

but he didn’t listen to me

and started to caress me


I wanted to shout again

but he threatened me

against my ties so secure

to fight I then had tried


but the metal resisted

it seemed to excite him

so he kissed me

his kiss i refused


with my breasts played

I tried to resist him

so i had squirmed

for his caresses avoid them

Bandit et Héro / Home invasion #poem (adult only, cosplay)


  1. but I was immobilized
    he started licking me
    and worse to suck me
    I would might to resist him
    but my body was excited
    so I felt going up
    in me a sweet pleasure
    he will make me cumming
    there my hero arrived
    and the bandit he chased
    he wanted to detach me
    the other< the keys had taken
    but I was too excited
    so my hero I begged
    immediately love me
    he quickly undressed
    and my order executed
    finally of pleasure I shouted
    I like this game so daring
    with my man i was playing
    but sometimes too rushed
    he lets the villain winning
    because these to men
    he must play them


      1. thanks most of the time the English version is just a translation that i made rhyme so for whom that do not speak french car understand it . and all my post is for you entertainment so you can us them at will .
        for me any use is the proof that it was not so bad after all .

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