Bad Foreplay

“It just feels like he’s not even really there. Like he’s just watching me and becoming an extension of me, I feel like I’m by myself.” She sighed, quietly, as she watched his curly hair as he performed cunnilingus.

He looked up from licking her pussy, juices glistening on his face. He smiled. She tilted her head back, and she gave a little moan. “Man oh man, she is really loving this. There’s nothing hotter than when she is really turned on.”

“Is that good baby?” He liked to check in.

“Oh you know it daddy,” she purred, and reached her hands out for him. He was so cute, just was like a little puppy. He just wanted to do everything to make her happy.

She was sure she would never respect him.

She drew him up to her, and kissed him on the mouth, tasting her own sour. “Oh man, that is so hot,” he thought, “it’s like she’s lesbian whenever she licks her own juices.” He thought that lesbians were so much sexier than anything else.

She ran her hands through his hair, and he brought his cock up to her, and rubbed it on her pussy. She thought to her self, “this is fine. I like this. Not too challenging. I’m in control. I’m the one driving this train.” She wished that she was more attracted to him. It wasn’t his looks or his body, but just his weakness that made her pull back from him.

She wanted to shake him sometimes. Like, “would you grow a fucking spine and just tell me what to do for once!” She motioned for him to turn over on his back so she could climb on top. “At least this way I can make sure I’m hitting my clit right.”

He smiled. He liked it when she took over. It was easier to picture the lesbian domination fantasy that way.

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