Psychic Dreams, Strange Loops, and Phantom Time

“The shaman has access to a superhuman dimension and a superhuman condition, and by being able to do that he affirms the potential for transcendence in all people.” Terrence McKenna

Yesterday, I was on Twitter, and randomly got into a conversation with CharityYates and Aphrodite about time and dreams. I love, love, love these topics, and wanted to riff on them some more, so here’s a post. I’ve included some of the text from their tweets: Charity is italicized, and Aphrodite is in bold. I’ve studied physics for pre-med classes and for my radiology residency, and learned about religion and history in undergrad. I just can’t seem to get into it without some outside push, so I really appreciate you all talking with me about it.

I read something last night that said Beyoncé is a witch and I woke up thinking it was 1876.

We started talking about the idea that what she was experiencing was a temporal distortion because time was ending. This was one of my favorite parts of Donnie Darko, where everyone had dreams of the Tangent universe after the original timeline was restored.

Terrence McKenna talked about psychic phenomena produced by chronological ripples extending backwards in time from the upcoming collapse.

Referring to “Timewave Zero”, Art Bell summarizes the connection between paranormal and psychic phenomena:

“the impending event is so colossal that it will emit such intense radiation that some of it will take the form of faster-than-light-speed tachyon particles, or waves, that, uh, can travel faster than light, and that they’re actually being hurled backward in time. The closer we get to the event, the greater the radiation density, and somewhat more frequently and intensely we experience paranormal phenomena associated with it. This could be the mechanism behind what you call the quickening. The event we are approaching will probably be something tantamount to a white hole or a mini-big bang. It will, for all intents and purposes, be the end of time for us. Terence believes it will occur consistent with the Mayan calendar in the year 2012. By the way, he has derived this, uh, independently from the Mayan calendar … he simply has discovered that it coincides with it.

He goes on … “It is not unreasonable to assume that ET’s possessing UFO’s, if they exist, will be flocking here to research, or rather, to presearch, the phenomenon. It is also believed that tachyon bombardment would have bizarre effects on the human nervous system–visions, that sort of thing–as well as physical manifestations in the environment, like the Clearwater virgin, bizarre mutations like the Chupacabra, and heaven knows what else … all the stuff you attribute to the quickening might be explained by this.”

So, this is a possible mechanism. Timewave Zero is a far out theory Mckenna developed about there being a maximum point of novelty that would occur, beyond which everything would change. It was based on his reading the I Ching and throwing the stick or dice. I’m don’t fully understand the I Ching, but when McKenna and Philip K Dick talk about it, it sounds cool as hell. It’s very easy to dismiss Timewave Zero because it’s the farthest thing from scientific, but when you read McKenna and he predicts the future so accurately in so many other ways 20 or 30 years ago, it’s worth thinking about.

McKenna said this in 1997:

” I spend hours a day on the internet, is I believe it’s a great force empowering marginal and minority points of view to come along in centuries. In other words, before the internet, the great establishment ideas already had the machinery of the media to communicate their positions. What has happened is that the common man has gotten into the game with technology that I don’t think was ever intended to fall into (his hands). … I believe what the internet is doing is dissolving boundaries between people, idea systems, classes, and factions, and we’re getting a much richer evolutionary interplay between ideas and this sort of thing, so I see it as a very fertile place with a lot of mutation in hardware, in how people view it, ideology, this sort of thing.” And 23 years later, I’m talking to two people or more who could be anywhere in the world, about trying to expand further on a feeling of temporal dislocation, which is very tough to define but which I’ve been haunted by for years.

Scientific evidence for an impending temporal collapse

From a physics perspective, there’s evidence of dark matter which indicates that the universe is now expanding at an accelerated rate, indicating that the collapse trigger has occurred. Now, this might mean we have 10 billion years left.

Many of us are experiencing a subjective sense of accelerated time, as if events are stacking up on each other. There’s also a synthetic quality to it, as if the events weren’t real, but a movie we’re watching. That it’s all fabricated.

Simulation theory

Simulation theory is a bit hard for me to process because I actually do identify patterns

I think Charity’s response got cut off here.

Very true, just a thought! Saturn Time Cube Simulation is an awesome book and a quick read. You guys would love it! I think it’s on amazon, but you can DM the author Nick Hinton if you want the book! Saturn is time and duality, not the loopy stuff. Anyway, love these topics ♡

Simulation theory is based on the idea that if you look at the total number of simulations that are being run, and you ask yourself, what’s the likelihood that we’re in the parent reality?

A simulation which has gone on as long as our species has been conscious would have a few features which would identify it as a simulation.

One, the current, established laws of physics would bend. If the purpose of the simulation is to test ideas, to test scenarios as to which are the most entertaining, which are the most life-sustaining, which are the most durable, then you would expect for all manner of societies to have been attempted, all combinations of leaders, all varieties of existence.

And, you would expect various tests of people’s reactions to different situations. Consider the Mothman Prophecies, by John Kael, with his extensive descriptions of strange visitors, observers with unusual behavior, detail after detail of weird happenings. You might expect discontinuities in existence depending on where the observers entered. You might expect the simulation to break down in remote areas, especially when other simulations were becoming increasingly energy intensive.

You’d expect the mathematics of super-string theory, describing reality to mirror internet mechanics, as Dr. John Gates suggested. This is the equivalent of decoding the DNA of a molecule and finding a link to a Facebook page.

Considering the purpose of such a simulation – The Matrix had humans as batteries, but with the importance humans ascribe to entertainment and amusement, it seems equally as likely, if not more likely, that our actions function as a form of entertainment. The observers watch us like we’re television.

Yet, as simulations develop their own simulations, they become increasingly difficult to manage, with a great deal of computing power required to maintain their output. As computing power is exceeded, you would expect the reality to become increasingly outlandish, and such events as the inauguration of a comic-book supervillain as president of the US occur. People would question the reality of such events. 03-trump-comics-015-nocrop-w529-h444

Simulation theory would say that time would end when the amount of power required to run the simulation exceeds the value it requires; so, we make too many simulations, and we pull the plug on ourselves.

Also, curious about this loop theory. What if were stuck in this loop between 2012 and 2020, and the event actually keeps dumping us back into 2012? May explain why I always have dreams I’m back in 2012 and no one else notices but me 😳 2012 portal vibes?

Ok, let’s say at some point in 2012 you were given a mission. This could mean that an otherworldly being joined you on your ride, or that your simulation was uploaded with specific directives. The left brain, explicit memory of this assignment has been erased, but your right brain remembers it in a kinesthetic, deep body type of memory. You are trying to complete this mission now.

Your right brain can only communicate with you directly by showing you a video when you’re sleeping. So, it’s trying to impart to you the lessons and information it received on its previous trip with its previous hosts. Or, if you’re a simulation, that your program is being put though improvements in ways that don’t violate the rules of the simulation.

And then another spin on this: let’s say we’re eternal beings who have decided to incarnate as humans and our desire is to experience as much of life as possible. Yet, this being is frustrated by what it sees as endless repetitive patterns that serve its purpose. So what dreams does it create? You becoming aware of the repetitive cycles so that you can alter them.

What if you had a a role to play in the upcoming transformation of consciousness, and your spirit was guiding you? Or, your ascended future self was communicating with your present self to prepare you?

Very interesting. I’ve been pondering this subject for a while now. I read somewhere that the calander changes with leap year and daylight savings messed things up or something, and it’s actually 2012 this year!

Time is a measurement 🤔
Looping is your perspective

Could we be in the wrong year? Sure. The Phantom Time Hypothesis says that the Dark Ages were 300 years added to our calendar because the Pope and the Emperor wanted their reigns to be more significant from a time perspective, so that Emperor Otto was ruling in the year 1000.

Could it be 2012? I looked through the Mayan Baktun, but couldn’t find a possible mis-date. That said, the chart above could represent some of the possibilities of the transitions to come.

Could it be 1876? I looked up what happened in 1876, and here’s some interesting resonances with the protests and George Floyd’s death.

Batak Massacre : Bulgaria tries to gain its independence from the Ottoman Empire, and 1,200-7,000 Christians and Muslims are slaughtered.

Battle of Little Bighorn/Custer’s Last Stand : Last, largest gathering of Native Americans, which led to the battle where Custer’s cavalry was defeated and 268 US soldiers were killed. With an impending sense of doom, the Crow scout Half Yellow Face prophetically warned Custer (speaking through the interpreter Mitch Bouyer), “You and I are going home today by a road we do not know.” (Both died as a result of the battle).

I think these speak to me because I was reading about these Boogaloo boys who want to start a civil war/race war in the US. I find this creepy as hell. It’s like, why would you want to go back to Nazism? I put up a quick post last night about Hitlerism and how it echoes some of our modern dynamics; I think Trump is weird, but I also don’t care for Biden or any of the other candidates either. Marianne Williamson sounded cool, though. I actually like a lot of what Trump does with the economy, and how he can undo and ignore concepts that were sacrosanct, and make his own reality. I just find his personality kind of gross. Henry Zebrowski on Last Podcast on the Left talked about how he must have some dark magic that he’s wielding, and that sounds right to me.


There’s also the man-machine singularity, where artificial intelligence and human thought combine, to form a new consciousness that makes all prior learning obsolete. It would begin when we can make a machine that can make machines, and improve itself.

“A superintelligence, hyperintelligence, or superhuman intelligence is a hypothetical agent that possesses intelligence far surpassing that of the brightest and most gifted human minds. “Superintelligence” may also refer to the form or degree of intelligence possessed by such an agent. John von Neumann, Vernor Vinge and Ray Kurzweil define the concept in terms of the technological creation of super intelligence. They argue that it is difficult or impossible for present-day humans to predict what human beings’ lives would be like in a post-singularity world.”

Technology forecasters and researchers disagree about if or when human intelligence is likely to be surpassed. Some argue that advances in artificial intelligence (AI) will probably result in general reasoning systems that lack human cognitive limitations. Others believe that humans will evolve or directly modify their biology so as to achieve radically greater intelligence. A number of futures studies scenarios combine elements from both of these possibilities, suggesting that humans are likely to interface with computers, or upload their minds to computers, in a way that enables substantial intelligence amplification.”

Elon Musk is concerned that Google could end up making a “fleet of artificial-intelligence-enhanced robots capable of destroying mankind.” Stephen Hawking has also professed concern.

Essentially, the Singularity could mean that humans are wiped out, or they merge with machines and become a hybrid, a cyborg intelligence. Either way, everything could change.

Casually psychic

Do you guys ever find yourself being casually psychic about random things? This just struck me this morning. When my wife’s water broke in 2018 for my youngest boy, Calvin, she came and got me from the basement, where I was doing squats with dumbbells. I was joking around on the way to the hospital, and I said, “this is a good omen. Because I was doing squats, this boy’s going to have the juiciest lower body; he’s going to be all muscle.” Once Calvin started walking, he started pushing around toy cars, anything with wheels; he would flip over chairs and push them around the living room like a plow. Last year at the pool, he walked endless loops around the pool, me or his mom walking behind him. Now he’s two and a half, and check out those freaking quads:

I didn’t have that much muscle tone at 16! Let alone before I was out of diapers. He’s got Mayan and Celtic blood, so, no telling what he’s going to do. He’s a wild card.


Aphrodite and I have been talking about the many synchronicities in our lives, and I remembered the idea of the Karass, from Kurt Vonnegut. Could these synchronicities indicate an emerging Karass?

“Simply put, a karass is a group of people who, unbeknownst to them, are collectively doing God’s will in carrying out a specific, common, task.”

I like the Urban Dictionary definition:

“Think of the small group of people you have ended up running into and spending time with over the course of your life. Some may be friends, others not. A big part of Vonnegut’s Karass concept revolves around coincidence evolving beyond apophenia, into the realm of the mystical.

The author suggests a divine plan behind the interactions of those within a karass, but adds it is unlikely that it’s purpose will ever be revealed. I suspect it is, like the universe itself, recursive in function.

In summary, to begin to understand one’s karass and those who are entwined within it, simply look for a common denominator between all those you have spent substantial time with, by choice or otherwise. The collective experiences garnered through these contacts both become and determine one’s karass.

To be continued!

I wanted to talk about Beyoncé, but I have to interact with my family, and this is already a mega huge post. Thanks everybody!

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