Foreplay Fragment

She put her head on his chest and snuggled her nose into between his neck and his clavicle. He closed his eyes and started to drift off.

He could feel in her body that she wasn’t tired. She moved her chest and her arms around him tighter, differently than when she was starting to go to sleep herself.

He started to rub her back, tracing the curve of her spine and the wings of her scapulas. She took her thigh and wrapped it around his, and squeezed with her crotch. He began to knead his fingers through her hair and stroked her head. He drew her towards him, and kissed her. He knew that she was ready; her mouth was open, her lips soft and wet.

Guided her onto her back, he began kissing her neck. He used his hand to begin feeling her breasts, which led to his stripping off her undershirt, and kissing down to her nipples.  He kept his mouth the right nipple, and his right hand on her left breast, stroking gently, with the occasional squeeze. As her breasts firmed on both sides, he began to bite gently, and drew her knees up on either side of him.

When they were first together, he would have quickly stripped off her shorts and applied his penis to her crotch, but now, he liked to wait. He liked to watch her squirm. He continue to suck her nipples, alternating between the two, and begin to squeeze her butt working his way ever closer to her inner thighs, perineum, and her labia.

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