Full Fathom Five #4

“Strip?” Bruno felt his stomach tense up. He’d just met Zula, and he knew that Lula never liked to be naked; they’d never even been swimming together.

Zula already had her dress open, revealing a dark red brassiere and cocoa brown skin. “We cannot enter Anwyn with anything from this dying world. We must leave our clothes and cleanse ourselves, and then we can ascend.”

Bruno watched Lula take off her sneakers and open her jeans. “You’re OK with this, Lula?”

She shrugged as she pulled her jeans down and off, revealing toned, bronze legs and prim white panties. “I’m a lot more comfortable with my body than I used to be. Zula’s explained it to me before. It’s part of the ritual.”

Bruno kicked his shoes off and pulled his sweatshirt over his head. “At least I’m not jumping off a cliff this time.” His tawny skin shivered up goosepimples, and he brought down his sweatpants and boxers in one movement. He was proud of his body, even if he was shy. Months of bench press and shoulder press had revealed a powerful chest and strong, broad shoulders.  

Zula stood before them, her breasts full and high, a beatific smile on her handsome face. Bruno tried not to stare, but he felt a magnetic pull to her skin, still glistening in the dim remaining sunlight, her defined hips and ass, the dark bush.

“You can look, Bruno. In Anwyn we share our bodies. No one needs to be ashamed for enjoying the beauty of another’s form.”

He looked at Lula for reassurance and she laughed. “If you can’t be naked with your friends, who can you be naked with?” She was on her tip toes, stretching her arms above her. Her breasts were slim, her nipples dark; her underarm and bush hair were full, and he smiled as he thought, “untamed.” She wasn’t a girl anymore. His cock was tingling, and he started to worry that he would soon draw the women’s eyes with a prominent erection.

Zula took a basket from near the entrance to the spring. “We shall each wash each other, as a symbol of our bond.” She brought out a basin and pitcher and filled it with water from the spring. “Lula, let us both wash Bruno, and then we will wash you, and then you both will wash me. Only then can we enter the waters of Arcadia.

Bruno stepped forward and knelt at her feet. Zula began pouring water over his head and neck, warmer than he expected. “Stand,” she commanded, and she poured oil into Lula’s hands, and onto his back. They kneaded the oil into his skin. He felt his neck and shoulders relaxing. As Lula’s hands wrapped his waist and hips, he felt his cock rise, and his face reddened. Zula brought her grip around his legs and saw his cock, before her. “We are all friends now, Bruno, there is no need to be ashamed.” Zula stood and put her hand on his shoulder. “Your cock is only telling you that you are loved and accepted. Allow that to suffuse your spirit.”

He smiled, and Zula took small bundles of herb from the basket. “With this hyssop, we will gently abrade your skin, and draw forth the strength you conceal.” He felt a mild sting as the branches stung his cleansed skin, but found himself feeling more and more excited, like his body was becoming alive for the first time.

Zula then offered the pitcher to Bruno, and Lula knelt before them. He poured water over her head and chest, chuckling at her quiet squealing. Now he had no way to avoid seeing her, her nipples growing erect and her breasts tightening. As they massaged her lean, strong back, he could feel her tremble. He circled to massage her legs from the front, and saw that she was crying. Zula stroked her face and kissed her gently. “You will be whole again, my love.” Lula seemed to draw strength from the hyssop, and she became composed again.

Finally, Zula knelt. Lula poured the water over her, and she and Bruno worked oil into every inch of her skin. Zula smiled as if experiencing the deepest pleasure. “Touch is like sunlight for a flower. We wither and die without it.” Her breasts responded to his touch, firming, and Lula watched. She put her hand on Bruno’s as he rubbed. Zula laughed. “Our love for each other is our strength.” They each took one of her buttocks and legs, and Bruno marveled at their strength and suppleness. The bundles of hyssop swished through the air, drawing an incongruous girlish giggle as they struck her body.

The three of them stood together, and Zula instructed them. “Now we will plunge ourselves into the waters of Arcadia, and we will swim together to Anwyn.” Zula stepped into the spring, and they followed.


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