Lust for Power, Chapter 2

As he left the bar, his phone buzzed, in the binary on off on signal he’d set it to receive when he got a priority message from his work. The text read, “Curfew instituted for downtown Golgonozza. Civil unrest is spreading. Protestors threaten peace. Report at 8 AM tomorrow for strategy meeting with Carmullus and Chiefs.”

He sighed, opening his car, and settling himself into the driver’s seat. He’d been military police for the Caledonian navy for years before he got into the Gendarmes. He’d trained police about how to conduct arrests and restrain an unruly suspect. And now some dumb fuck killed another citizen because he wanted to be a professional wrestler instead of keeping the peace. “These assholes can’t keep up appearances for shit,” he said aloud to himself.

Then he got June’s text, and he went to her hotel. He knocked on the door, and she threw the door open on the second knock.  

“Hi,” she said, backing away from him. He stepped into the room, and shut the door behind him. Then he was on her, kissing her mouth and backing her against the wall. Her body moved against him, taut and strong like a bowstring. She tasted sweet and foreign, like a bite of some exotic fruit he’d never known before. He reached back and ran his his fingers through her hair.

She started pulling his shirt of of his pants as he was extracting himself from his suit jacket. He undid the buttons of his dress shirt and shrugged it off and she kissed his neck, licking and biting his ear, gently.

He knelt at the floor, grasping her calves and kissing his way up her legs. As he reached her tight skirt,  he pushed it up, burying his mouth in her panty clad crotch.

She moaned and pushed herself against her. He kept the pressure on her mons and clit, and reached under her , clasping her buttocks and lower back, and spread her thighs to rest on his forearms. He then stood, effortlessly balancing the elegant woman six feet in the air. She screamed, delighted, and clapped her hands over her face. “Holy shit Jon!” she whispered loudly, laughing.

He kept his tongue working through her now soaked thong. He brought her back down, so that he was carrying her with her pussy spread wide. She wrapped her legs around him and locked eyes with him. “You’ve got to realize, baby, you’re fucking with him very best,” he teased. “Before I was a leg breaker and a thug, I was a dancer and gymnast at the Caledonian Military Academy. A lot of people don’t know that.”

She put her hand on his chest. “Shut the fuck up, Jon.”

They kissed again, with June‘s lithe body still intertwined with his. He walked smoothly into the bedroom, depositing her on the bed. He noticed the covers tangled in the corner, only white sheet stretching across the bed.  

“You don’t like covers or something?” He asked, sitting down on a chair to untie his shoes.

“I never could sleep with anything on me.” She responded as she stood and unzipped the side of her top,  reversing her arms and drawing it up over her head. Her blood red brassiere drew his eye, and he watched her retract her shoulders to undo the bra clasps, displaying her off her lean, sculpted abs and buttocks, tan skin glistening in the dim light of the luxury hotel suite

He felt his lower abs and crotch tighten as she discarded her now sopping wet thong, revealing her short thatch of dark bush hair. He undid his belt, and yanked off his slacks, his thick cock restrained to his left thigh by the elastic of his boxer briefs. She came to him, kneeling before him, kissing his belly and his cock through his shorts. She reached behind him and drew his shorts down his muscular buttocks, breathing on his erection with open mouth as he stepped out of his shorts. She took his cock in her mouth. He stroked her hair and the back of her neck as she brought her mouth down to the base of his shaft, her nose brushing his trim pubic hair, her expert tongue circling, and her cheeks and throat squeezing.  She used her hands on the base, opposing the motion of her neck and head, drawing his cock to her as her mouth pushed it from all sides.

She looked him right in the eyes as she did this, and she squeezed his balls whenever he started to break eye contact. “Fuck,” he muttered, “fuck.” Finally, she released him, and he grasped the side of her jaw and neck, drawing her up to him.  He kissed her deeply on the mouth, their tongues working in concert. “I love to see a strong man brought low” she chuckled. “Now get your ass on the bed.”

He laid down on the crisp white bedsheet, and she climbed onto his throbbing, diamond hard cock. She worked it slowly, tilting her pelvis to keep the pressure on her clit. He let her ride him until her breathing became regular and her movements rhythmic, and then he took her by the hips. He started thrusting upward, keeping a strong, pounding tempo, and she tipped forward, locking her mouth on his. His sweat mixed with hers on their glistening chests, and she screamed her orgasm into his mouth. Any aspirations he had for delaying his orgasm were gone, and he shuddered, his entire body twitching as he filled her.

He broke the kiss and moved his head to the side of her neck to breathe, hugging her and stroking her back. Her body relaxed, and as his cock softened, he cradled her in his arms, lowering her to his side. She kissed him again, and he held her for a long time.

He slipped into sleep, still holding her. He awoke to find her pulling on a robe. “That was wonderful , Jon. I’m going to put some coffee on; we’ve got a ton of shit to get through before morning. Get dressed, there’s some of our people coming over in an hour.”

She left the room as he propped himself up on his elbows. “What the fuck?” He got out of bed and started looking for his shorts.

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