I’ll Find You

Your cum is splashed all over my thighs. You’re collapsed on top of me, your cock slowly softening inside me. I pat your back and say, “all right big guy, it’s to get moving.”

You laugh, and pull yourself off me, pulling back your hips and stretching your torso like a cat. “What did you just say?”

“Time to get moving?”

“Before that.“ You’re sitting on the edge of the bed now.

“All right big guy?”

“We haven’t met before?“

“What do you mean? We met at the party. You’re Trevor’s friend. I just broke up with my boyfriend, you’re single you’re visiting, and that’s what you told me. Do you even live in this state?”

“You just seemed really familiar to me, for a minute.” We stand up, and you start rummaging around for your clothes. “Do you mind if I take a shower?”

“Absolutely, go ahead.” The closet door scrapes open, and I say, “they’re on the top.”

“Didn’t you used to have pink ones?” You’re staring at my white bath towel.

“Used to?”

“Never mind, I don’t know where my head is today.” I hear you pull in the shower curtain closed, and the water starting.

And then I remember a lake, sitting with you in the moonlight, when your hand rested on my cunt as you held me, my face in your neck, as you made me come again and again within the confines of your strong arms.

My heart is beating fast, when did this happen? I don’t know any place like that. I sit and urinate, the smell of your sex billowing off me.

I clean myself and wash my hands. I step into the shower as you turn around quickly, kiss you om your mouth and grab your cock, squeezing it tight as I grab your ass. You start laughing as I drop to my knees and take you in my mouth. You harden, and your prick takes its full, velvety girth.

The water washes over me and I stroke your balls. Your fingers run through my hair and to the back of my head. I look up and smile, tongue and lips encircling your, and I can see the joy in your face

You motion for me to stand up, and you stick your hands between my knees and my ass, lifting me up to your waist. My pussy spreads wide as you lower me onto your erect cock, arching upward, and I’m opening and being filled so completely at the same time.

I wrap my legs around you, and hold your neck, as we move up and down, as if we are riding the same pogo stick. You kiss me on the mouth with such passion and such force, I’m about to cum.

And then you slow down, bring me down from your waist, stand me up and turn me around. I lower my hands to the shower bench and raise my ass up to you.

You take your cock, and rub its head on my clit, getting my juice on you. You put your finger in my ass hole, the circular muscles loosening, with your grip. Then you slowly remove your grip on my ass, and grab my hips as you slowly insert yourself into my asshole.

My breath is now so jagged as you work my ass up and down. “Stop don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop.” You’re squeezing my tits hard, I’m rocking back, shaking, my pussy spasming.

I reach back and start to rub my clit from the front. It feels huge. I put one thumb on my clit, and hook my first finger deep into my pussy, around to the front. I squeeze it, as we go back-and-forth. God, have I ever been fucked like this? I’m shaking, screaming, calling out, “oh god oh god….”

And then I’m sitting on the floor of the shower, the water turns cold as you hold me, both of us freezing, slowly trying to move.

You stand up to turn off the water. “Andy,” I say, as you look at me.

“Andrew is my first name. I’m certain I told you my name is Levi. That’s what everyone has ever called me, except Joni, but, but…”

I look up at you as I’m standing. I’m more scared than I’ve ever been.

You cradle my face in your hands. “Come here Joni.” We wrap our wet, cold, bodies around each other, and I remember.

“Joni, I’ve been looking for you for years, and I found you. But my memories flicker in and out.”

I’m crying now. “I remember you, and then you’re gone, and then I don’t know where the memory came from.”

You kiss me again, softly. “Joni,” you say, “hold my hand, Joni. If I lose you again, I’ll find you, no matter what it takes.”

And I awaken in my bed. I’m alone, but I still taste the sweet kiss from a man whose face I can’t recall.

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