I’m on nights this week, as I never fail to mention. I’ve been working with a lot of interesting ideas on magic and intentionality recently, and the synchronicities have started to add up, until I am now forced to blog when I’m supposed to be sleeping, as I’m freaked out.

C.G. Jung had a concept called the Synchronicity:

I explained this concept to my wife, Concetta, and she said, “well, that’s what I call God’s will.” I said, “that’s what Jung is saying.”

Grant Morrison is one of my favorite comics writers. He wrote the Invisibles, which he described as a hypersigil, a magical ritual used to reshape the world to his own liking. I’m been on a journey since I’ve started writing 1000 words a day, April 26th, 2020. The further I go, the more my own magical thinking manifests itself in the world.

He describes how he manifested the woman he wished to meet: “My girlfriend and I had split, and when I saw Brian Bolland’s cover for The Invisibles, Volumes 2 and 3, I decided I’d enchant for someone who looked exactly like Robin. Robin’s doppelgänger materialized shortly after. When after a month of two of trying it turned out that we didn’t get on at all, I learned that image isn’t everything and shied away from such frivolous use of the hypersigil. Strangely enough, every woman I met that year and the next had red hair or other Robinlike qualities, including some who directly impacted on the storytelling of the book itself. Life and fiction are strange and interchangeable here.”

At the time, I was sketching out the story that would become “Bruno Dives.” I was saying that he would travel to Kaerlud by boat, and his friend Lula would become the lover of the female sea captain. She would be his confidante, the one he would talk to about sex, who would help him through his sexual insecurities.

Then I wrote in a note, “that’s what I want.” Now, I’m married, and I’m not looking to step out. What I wanted was someone who I could talk to about sex, and work through my own hang ups, so I could integrate my sex life and my imagination and my family life and my work life, and feel less schizophrenic and disjointed. Less than a week later, I watch Strawberry Smutcakes’ YouTube video on writing erotica, find her Patreon, and she is my confidante and coach through that sexual landscape. And she has red hair.

I was reading the Invisibles again today, and I’d been chatting on Twitter with a young woman calling herself Aphrodite, and describing herself as Divine Redness on her Twitter page. When I added up the number of red haired women at work, it seemed some greater plan was at play.

From Invisibles Vol. 2 Issue 11: Venus, the Roman counterpart of Aphrodite.

Aphrodite was interested in time disturbances like the Mandela effect. I planned to tell her about Philip K. Dick, and his book “Man in the High Castle,” in which the citizens of a Nazi occupied US seek the vision promised by a science fiction writer of another, better world where the US won, our world. Also, UBIK, VALIS, and other stories by him about the changing nature of reality.

The Empire Never Dies poster here in the Invisibles references Philip K. Dick’s idee fixe, described below. Additional synchronicity points for the drawing of Jack Frost, who, as I type this standing in my bathroom with my iPad plugged, looking at myself in the mirror with bed-head, is a dead ringer for me, in real life.

I’m going to put in two more synchronicities, and then I need to lie down again so I can work all night tonight.

Aphrodite and I were talking after we both commented on a thread discussing whether the elderly man injured at the protest was a crisis actor. I said that a tube under his shirt could be a ventricular shunt for hydrocephalus. And the corresponding Invisibles image, with an alien control organism along the dorsal aspect of Boy’s cervical spinal cord.

Finally, the backdrop for all these considerations, the creeping militarization of police and the increasingly more prominent fascist elements in the US government.

The Rex 84 order Morrison references is, of course, completely real.

On a more contemporary note, CIA black sites, or detention sites in which constitutional protections do not exist, are widespread within the US and throughout the world. In Chicago, police “disappeared” 7000 people in an off the books “interrogation warehouse.”

“Operating a massive, red-brick warehouse between two of the most crime-filled areas in the city of Chicago, equipped with floodlights, cameras, razor-wire – this near-paramilitary wing of the government that we’ve created, I would say that people who live close to it know what purpose it serves the most,” said the attorney Gaeger. “The demographics that surround it speak for themselves.”

All this shit is real, and it’s scary as hell. Did I mention that the LA Unified School District had grenade launchers?!? I mean, fuck.

OK, I’m actually going to stop. I’m an inveterate optimist, and I have to believe that this will all work out for the best.


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