Staying Pure #1

Cole had been in DC for three days. Every day he and Artemisia tried to pass the time, going to museums and spending time with her father, Lucius Celestino, the US Ambassador to Greece. Whenever Lucius was called to a meeting and unable to supervise, they returned to the apartment, and ended up on Lucius’ private rooftop pool.

They hadn’t been in the water a single time.

They’d been kissing, bodies intertwined, for more than two hours. The sun set over the Potomac, and the air was still warm. She broke the kiss. “Hey, hey, Cole, stop, we’ve got to stop.

She was kneeling astride him on the pool’s lounge couch, their crotches together. His cock strained against his swimsuit. He was feeling her pussy through the front of her bikini bottom, using his thumb to keep some pressure on her clit.

”Do you really want me to stop?” Cole moved his hand to her breast, leaned forward, kissed her neck and bit her ear.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this to me! You’re just teasing me to make me want to have sex!”

Cole put his hand back on her crotch. “I hear what you’re saying, babe, but your pussy is telling me a different story. Can’t you feel how much heat you’re putting out?” Artemisia felt wetter than she’d ever been, and she could have leaned over and bitten him she wanted him so badly.

She top stood up. “Cole, we are leaders in Campus Crew for Jesus. People look up to us. If we have sex before marriage, then we’re just hypocrites. Don’t you see? We made a promise before the Lord.”

At the moment, Cole wasn’t anywhere close to the diehard for Jesus as he was leading worship or counseling the freshmen. His cock was a more pressing concern compared to his eternal soul. But, this was Artemisia Celestino. She was basically a princess. She had porcelain skin, features so delicate they could have been etched in a diamond, and luxuriant golden hair tumbling down her back. That she was dating him was the greatest thing that ever happened to Cole, and he credited his faith and strength of purpose in drawing them together. When he had more blood circulating to his brain.

“We’re not doing anything, we’re just kissing. What’s the harm?”

“My dad will be home at any minute. Why don’t we just go and watch TV?” She tilted her head plaintively, and then nuzzled her face in his muscular chest. “I’m just about to lose my mind right now, Cole. All I want is to cover you with every inch of my skin, and I’m trying to be good.”

“What if we could both get off right now, so you could relax a little?”

She scoffed. “Cole, I’m not having sex with you. I promised God, I promised my father, I’m wearing my promise ring, see?” She showed him the stainless steel band on her left ring finger, with the word “love” printed on it. He had a lot working against him.

“Let’s make a deal, here.” Cole thought he might go to law school after college. “No penis goes in your mouth, your pussy, or your ass. We both get to come. What do you say?

She bit her lip and her face reddened. Sex made her feel embarrassed, but his body made her feel better everything, chocolate, her father’s gold card, ski trips to Aspen. He was so gorgeous and kind, and he had a heart for the Lord. “What do you want me to do?”

“I’m gonna take my swimsuit off. You’re going to take off your top.”

“Someone’s going to see!”

“No one’s going to see. There’s no cameras, no neighbors, just us and the Potomac.” He stood up and brought his trunks down in a single movement. Artemisia watched his cock head bounce up and down as he moved.

She followed her instructions. She reached behind her and unclasped her bikini top, and grasped the cups, to slowly reveal her breasts, shockingly pale against the tan backdrop of her torso.

Cole smiled, and sat on the lounge couch. “Now, get on your knees and crawl to me.”

She came to him, her breasts swaying under her. She gripped his sinewy thighs as she ascended him. Her breasts brushed his legs, his cock, his belly. He shivered through his whole body. He cupped her sculpted chin in his hand, drawing it toward to his cock. “I thought you said you weren’t going to put it in my mouth.”

To be concluded ….


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