What Makes Me Tingle

Concetta’s breasts are incredible. I love they firm, and her nipple swells and elongates and hardens; I love that erect nipple in my mouth. It’s like a direct conduit to her, like a dial I can turn. I love the feel of the small of her back. I love her smell, sweet and girlish, especially when she’s been in the sun. She has a distinct scent when she’s happy and feeling good that takes me back to when we were first dating and beginning our intimacy.

Waking up with an erection feels great. It’s really hard and really firm. I feeel strong enough to go out there and fuck the whole world.

I like to see a woman get really excited. It doesn’t have to be sexual excitement, I like enthusiasm and a lot of facial expressions, how their voice changes, the energy that comes into their eyes.

I love to see a woman who is dressed to exquisite perfection, chicly decked out, for the evening or for business. I also love a woman who is active, who has her face a bit flushed, sweating, hair loose, who’s just been exercising.

I love pretty girls wearing shorts and T-shirts, like in the dorms. I love to see women who are exotic, who are different from me, especially Indian, Black, Latina, Asian …. I enjoy women with confidence and strength, but I treasure vulnerability too.

I had a strange experience once. I was teaching a teaching prep course for recent college graduates, when a young woman came to me, crying because of the stress she was experiencing at her field placement. There was something about her openness, in her facial expressions, body language, and movements; I got an erection.

That course, in general, was so sexy for me, to have all of those young women who were watching me and listening and laughing at my jokes, and who were new to the city and new to teaching; it was wonderful.

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