Feeling Sexy

I feel most attractive with a fresh haircut and a good clean shave. If I shave every day, my face feels cleaner and I don’t break out. Applying moisturizer to my whole body takes a few minutes, but my skin glows and feels silky smooth, so it’s worth the price of admission.

A little manscaping can make me feel sexy too. When I shave my chest, nipples, and belly, I think I look slimmer and cleaner. It’s always a surprise how tiny my nipples are with the hair gone. I buzz the pubes, giving myself a nice upside down mustache below the belt.

I like to wear socks that are tight and pull them up all the way to my calves. My favorite shoes lace securely and support my feet. Some of my shoes have a little spice to them, like my red Pumas; they’re a nice accent for my outfits. For whatever reason, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on these shoes from African American strangers; this always makes my day.

I like to wear shirts that show off my chest and shoulders and back, and taper at the waist to emphasize my slim middle. I like to wear slacks that were too tight a few months ago. It makes me feel like my exercise is paying off.

I like to wear complementary colors. It gives me a quiet thrill to coordinate an outfit so that the complement stands out, and the viewer sees the pattern emerge subconsciously, uniting the shirt and pants and tie and belt and sweater and shoes and socks.

If I were going to expand my wardrobe, I’d like to find more pieces that evoke archetypical historical personae, like the 1950s collegiate New England preppie, a blue-blazered William F. Buckley academic, or an east coast weekend sailor, or a British desert explorer, venturing into the wilderness with a notebook and a khaki dress shirt.*

Keeping my clothes organized is key. I love my things when I can find them, and enjoy them arrayed before me.

One of my favorite accessories is a pair of yellow tinted Ray-ban aviator sunglasses. They make me look like Hunter S. Thompson, or a Vegas poker player. It adds a nice, daring element to the wardrobe. I like to wear them at music festivals and nightclubs.

I like to sweat before work, and get my exercise done, so I feel nice and clean before I take my shower. I like to smell good, and emit a light, pleasant fragrance. I want to experiment with colognes, like lime and cedar smells, that nature and rustic settings.

*After I typed this into my notes app, my Facebook immediately advertised historic military clothes, like Vietnam era British military officer trousers. Creepy.

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