A Few of My Favorite Things

Wearing clothes that fit me really well. Especially socks. Socks that are well cushioned and fit my feet change my whole outlook on life.

Driving a car with excellent handling.

Unplugging my phone and other electronics when they’re fully charged.

Satisfying analog clicks of buttons on older machines.

Texture of macadamia nuts, crunchy and chewy In the center, blending together so well.

Sour, sweet, fizzy taste of Kombucha.

Cold brew coffee, so easy to drink. I enjoy the flavor and I only pop the can open. I don’t have to get all sweaty and commit to an hour like when I drink hot coffee.

Biting into something crisp.

After you sign the check in a restaurant and just walk away, never needing to consider that environment again, free.

A freshly cleaned bathroom, with two ply, quilted toilet paper.

Looking at my closet after I’ve folded and organized all my clothes into neat Marie Kondo categories.

Wearing an outfit with complementary colors, so that the greater harmony and balance emerges in the beholder (usually me in the mirror).

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