Me and Fassbender

He stroked my hair. “Simon, this might hurt a little, but it’s your first time, I know, and I’m going to be gentle.” He kissed me on the mouth, and felt the inside of my leg, his fingers slowly moving their way onto my cock. I was wearing only a t-shirt, and he had on a turtleneck and slacks, his pants and boxers around his ankles. I had been sucking him off, and knew it was time to take it.

He stood up and pushed me down on the bed, turning me over. I heard him pop open the bottle of Vaseline, and felt the slippery finger in my asshole. My whole body cringed, but I wanted it now, so badly. He kneaded my anus with his finger, putting his head down alongside mine and nuzzling my neck. I inhaled his scent, a musk of sweat, deodorant, and cologne.

As I relaxed, he fit the head of his cock into my asshole, and applied pressure. It was a dull, aching pain, but the muscles were releasing, expanding to take his cock. I moaned, and clenched my thigh muscles. I felt him start to pump and pump.

When he came, and I was filled with his warm spunk, I wanted to turn around, pick him up and squeeze hm in the hardest bear hug I could, until I heard his joints crack. Instead, he handed me a wipe for my dripping asshole, and I looked down to see the mixture of blood, shit, cum, and lubricant oil. “I’ve gotta hit the shower” I said, and skipped out of the room.

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